Is SEED right for me and my site?

Before applying to SEED, it’s important to determine whether or not the program is right for you and your community, organization, or institution. You can do this by reading about SEED and New Leaders Training here on our website, contacting us to request a conversation, participating in a local SEED seminar, or speaking with someone who has participated in or led a SEED seminar. 

Is my community ready for SEED?

Here are some questions to consider that might help you determine whether your community, organization, or institution is ready for SEED:

Does your community, organization, or institution have the capacity (space, time, and resources) to host an in-person or online SEED seminar?

Are there enough people (we advise 15-25 participants and a minimum of 8) interested in and able to engage in at least 25 hours of SEED seminars over the course of the year?

Do you have institutional (including financial) support from your leadership to host an in-person or online SEED seminar? (And even if you are part of the leadership structure, do you have support from other leaders as well?)

How many SEED seminar groups will your institution, organization or community host?

How many SEED leaders will you need to facilitate your anticipated number of seminar groups (we recommend at least one facilitator for every 10-15 participants)?

Am I ready for SEED?

Here are some questions to consider that might help you determine whether you’re ready for SEED:

Do you have the capacity to participate in New Leaders Training, an intensive experience in which participants explore their own identities and learn how to develop and lead SEED seminars?

Are you ready to share and learn about yourself, your identities, and your experiences and to work with others to do the same in the hopes of moving toward social justice?

If accepted, what would you need to do to prepare and care for yourself during your New Leaders Training experience?

Do you have the people and resources you need in your personal and professional life to support you attending New Leaders Training?

The New Leaders Application includes a number of essay questions that prompt you to think deeply about your identities and experiences. Reviewing these questions can also help you to determine whether SEED is the right fit for you at this time.


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