Find answers to general questions about SEED, about applying to New Leaders Training, and about the experience of New Leaders Training.

How do the virtual and in- person New Leaders Trainings differ? How do I know which is better for me?

Both the virtual and in-person New Leaders Trainings are intensive, transformative experiences, and the cost is the same for both. The virtual option offers more accessibility for those unable to travel and eliminates the cost of travel. Beyond that, it’s a matter of determining whether the potential leader’s learning style is better served by virtual training spread over 12 weeks or a single week of in-person training. 

Does completing an application guarantee me a spot in New Leaders Training?

No. Applicants receive a response about their application about a month after both the New Leaders Application and Site Support Form are submitted. No application will be considered without the site support form submitted. The SEED team reviews each application to determine whether the applicant and sponsoring organization have the interest and capacity to host SEED seminars. The team also works to ensure that each New Leaders Training cohort represents a balance of identities, roles, and types of organizations. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so applicants are encouraged to submit the required materials well before the deadline.

If my community, organization, or institution is interested in sending someone to New Leaders Training, how do we decide who to send? Should we send one or two people?

Sending two people from a site is recommended but not required. While co-facilitation is modeled during New Leaders Training, a SEED seminar can be successfully facilitated by a solo SEED leader. At New Leaders Training, all SEED leaders will be connected to the extensive SEED leader network, which is accessible through social media, a SEED leaders-only website, and regional SEED leader networks. 

Can I switch to a different New Leaders Training session?

If for some unexpected reason the applicant cannot attend the session to which they were accepted, they may switch sessions in the same year if there are available spaces. There are two administrative homes for SEED New Leaders Training. If an accepted applicant wants to switch to another NLT administered by the same entity (WCW or SESEC) that is possible.  However, if the change of session request is made after the applicant is accepted into New Leaders Training, there will be a change fee of $250 billed to the applicant's institution.

If the accepted participant wants to switch to a NLT administered by the other entity, the applicant will withdraw from one NLT and reapply to another.

Can my institution decide to send a different person to New Leaders Training?

In the unusual circumstance when an accepted applicant cannot attend New Leaders Training, a new application must be submitted. If the new applicant is not accepted, SEED will treat this as a refund requested on the date the new application was submitted.

Can I defer to a future New Leaders Training?

Participants and institutions who have been accepted and wish to defer their participation may do so by submitting the $1000 deposit. If both the participant and the institution remain the same, no additional application needs to be submitted. If an institution wishes to send a new participant, or the participant is at a new institution, a new application must be submitted. Participants seeking to defer within six weeks of the session to which they were accepted will forfeit half of their deposit, and participants seeking to defer within three weeks of their session will forfeit their entire deposit.

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