Fees and Scholarships

The current fees for SEED participation are:

  • $6000 per participant for private schools and private site partners
  • $4000 per participant for public schools, public site partners, and non-profit organizations with annual budgets under $250,000 
  • Additional scholarships are available for eligible institutions, including public P-20 schools, community organizations, and other institutions with demonstrated need

Applicant spaces will not be reserved until both the New Leaders Application and the Site Support Form are accepted and approved by SEED and a $1000 (or $500 for those receiving scholarships) deposit is received for each accepted applicant. The entirety of the payment can be made then, or the second portion of the payment is due four weeks after the end of the applicant's New Leaders Training. Please note our policies on refunds, switching participants, and deferrals under FAQs.

The SEED fee covers:

  • Leader preparation for a year-long professional development opportunity for approximately 15-25 local colleagues, led by the organization’s newly trained SEED leader
  • Ongoing assistance from SEED co-directors, the SEED national team, and other experienced SEED leaders
  • Access to SEED leaders-only resources and an online community
  • Print and digital media resources for adults and youth
  • Regional networks for SEED leaders
  • Access to compiled reports from other New Leaders during the year
  • Monthly calls with SEED leaders and the SEED national team
  • Monthly office hours and weekly check ins by appointment
  • Weekly check-ins during Craft Cabin

Partner sites are asked to provide an additional $250-$500 per year-long seminar for books, handouts, materials, and food, to be provided directly to the seminar leader.

SEED expects partner sites to support the year-long SEED seminar and seminar leader through strong verbal endorsement and material support, such as funds to purchase books and media (which can be used to create an equity library on site), access to copy machines and printers, time during all-staff meetings, and backing to ensure seminars have a regular meeting place and nourishing food.

Please note: payment is preferred by credit card and can also be made with a check or purchase order. We cannot accept payment by American Express. 


SEED is committed to partnering with communities, organizations, and institutions that demographically reflect our broader world. To this end, SEED has always worked to provide scholarships through grants and fundraising as well as in collaboration with partner sites in order to both diversify cohorts and ensure that those further from social justice are able to attend. 

SEED is working to be more open about the scholarship process to further this goal. For instance, all public schools are automatically eligible for a $2000 scholarship (making their fee $4000) as are non-profit organizations with annual budgets under $250,000. Please note that all communities, organizations, and institutions are welcome to apply for additional scholarships, and scholarships of different sizes are granted. Scholarships are expected to range from $1000 to $4000.

The basic criteria for scholarships are:

  1. The partner site's capacity and commitment to host a SEED seminar for at least two years following receipt of the scholarship.
  2. The partner site's commitment that if the SEED seminar does not occur, the partner will owe the total amount of the scholarship to SEED.
  3. Demonstrated financial need, diversity in terms of marginalized populations, and public mission of the site.

In order to apply for a scholarship, the Optional Scholarship Section of the Site Support Form must be completed by someone authorized to approve and receive funding and to support all aspects of the SEED seminar, including finances, logistics, and promotion of equitable education at the proposed SEED site.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind about participating in New Leaders Training?

The deposit is 100% refundable until six weeks prior to the start of the New Leaders Training for which an applicant has been accepted. It is 50% refundable until three weeks prior to the start of New Leaders Training. After that, within three weeks of the start of New Leaders Training, it is nonrefundable.

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