Cheryl Adenekan


I grew up in Colorado, spending my youth in Lakewood, a suburb of Denver. After undergrad work I traveled to Mozambique, Africa with the Peace Corps, teaching English and Theater for two and a half years. Then I moved to Phoenix, AZ for four years to teach 6th and 7th Grade English at a private/independent school. I traveled to Chengdu, China as part of my responsibilities. After my experience teaching in China, I actively sought a job in Shanghai, teaching English to ages 2-8 and eventually I became the Language Learning Director there. After living in Shanghai for almost three years, I moved back to Colorado for a year where I taught K, 5, 6,7, and 8 English at a Charter School in Aurora. My favorite responsibility there was teaching a theater club which led me to actively seek a Theater teaching job which is how I started at my current school. 

Since 2007 I have been an active member of SEED and my passion for DEIJ work has grown as I have developed my current role of Director of Community and Inclusion. I am intent on being aware of the positionality and politics of location that I bring into spaces with this background. My passion lies in inviting others to share their stories with me so we can together experience windows, mirrors and attempt to build a sliding glass door to each other. 

 I reside in San Mateo, CA with my husband and 14-year-old twins and I am extremely excited to join the National SEED Training Staff.

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