SEED Co-director Jondou Chase Chen, senior lecturer in the Education, Equity and Society program of the University of Washington's College of Education, spoke recently at one of the College's brief faculty EduTalks and shared why storytelling is at the heart of SEED--and of educational justice.

In his talk, Chen speaks of why storytelling matters and how he has sought to bring the power and possibilities of storytelling to his classrooms. Schools, he says, can offer fertile ground for storytelling that allows students, families, educators, and school personnel to bring and share their whole selves through their stories, and to co-create new stories in ways that affirm us and help us build meaningful and just relationships. At the same time, he cautions, schools can also be places where stories are denied and erased. What do schools and the people in them need to ask themselves in order to ensure the former? Watch what he has to say.