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SEED to Sponsor, Present at White Privilege Conference This Week

buttons 200SEED Founder Peggy McIntosh, along with SEED Associate Directors Gail Cruise-Roberson and Jondou Chase Chen, and SEED Summer Staff Members Pat Badger and Donald Burroughs, will be presenting at the White Privilege Conference in Madison, Wisconsin this week. If you'll be at the conference, we hope you'll attend one of our two sessions on "Teaching Methods That Build Relationships, Strengthen Communities, and Bring About Justice in School Classrooms," and/or stop by the SEED exhibit table to say hello and see some of our new SEED materials. Read on for details.

Teaching Methods That Build Relationships, Strengthen Communities, and Bring About Justice in School Classrooms

Two identical 90-minute sessions (10:45-12:15 and 2:45-3:15) on Thursday, March 27

We will demonstrate a pedagogical strategy which helps to build relationships and strengthen communities within classrooms. We will model a teaching method based on students' experience rather than opinions. It can help to heal divisions in classrooms between students of different ethnic, racial, gender, regional, religious, and sexual identities and backgrounds. Participants will learn how to make sure that all voices in a classroom are heard, if only by one other person at a time, through using tightly-timed Serial Testimony. Participants will learn how to implement what Peggy McIntosh calls "the autocratic distribution of time in the service of democratic distribution of time." The tendency to challenge others and win arguments is replaced through Serial Testimony by increasing students' desire to listen to, learn from, respect, analyze, empathize, and understand peers whom they have been taught to ignore, disrespect, or fear.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2023
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