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Social Justice

 Handsquote left  One of the SEED members in my group has decided to take what she’s learned about White privilege and the importance of embracing and valuing diversity back to her grade level. She is writing curriculum that will be shared with every 6th grade student during their advisory time. Students will learn to become multicultural world citizens as well as understanding their own privileges thanks to this teacher’s dedication to sharing her knowledge.

—ESL Coordinator, Minnesota

quote left  Since I have been in SEED or doing SEED work for the last six years, I have seen the impact that teachers who have gone through SEED have on their students. Education is not just about content, and the teachers who embrace the principles of SEED are continually trying to create class atmospheres of respect for all students.
—Community College Reading Teacher, Minnesota

quote left  SEED has confirmed my view of what education does. Specifically, it is our responsibility as educators to ensure educational equity for all students, regardless of their background, provide access to intellectual and cultural opportunities, and offer continuous and meaningful academic and personal support. It is the responsibility of teachers to create a culturally responsive classroom and foster a respectful and democratic dialogue among their students. Finally, it is the responsibility of everyone to be open to new ideas and perspectives, especially those that may differ from our own, and constantly strive to create what Dr. King would call the “beloved community.” That is why I became a teacher and it is why I am now so deeply invested in SEED and its work.
—High School Social Studies Teacher, Virginia

quote left  When teachers put a SEED process in place to deal with fraught subjects, the school is not shut down by a crisis but continues, without violence, to be a place of education.
—Middle School Teacher, California

quote left  SEED offers tools, strategies, and support to educators as they address critically important, and often difficult, aspects of life on the planet. When the tenets of the SEED Project are woven into the fabric of school culture, the results are positive and transformative.
— Head of K-8 School, Texas

quote left  Since having SEED seminars we have seen considerable change, for instance, in both the focus and effectiveness of the college's Diversity Council. We developed a campaign to halt racist and anti-gay graffiti in restrooms on campus, and this has been a success.
— Community College Tutoring Coordinator, California

quote left  As a result of my participation in SEED, I have learned that I cannot lecture to students about "uprooting" racism. Student voices sharing their experiences in a supportive environment are the key to uprooting racism.
— SEED Seminar Participant, California

— Cheryl Robinson, Supervisor, Office of Minority Achievement, Arlington Public Schools, Virginia

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